Old Rules

by Braver

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released December 1, 2016

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Eric Hills @ Braver NCO solutions
Artwork by Jen Van Kaam
All songs by Braver
Produced by Lupe Muraszewski



all rights reserved


Braver Minneapolis, Minnesota

Lupe, Dani, Ryan. Minneapolis, MN.

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Track Name: 5 things
I see a sky that's gray.
It gets dark so early.
A woman stares at me, she seems to want to say something.
So I pretend to sleep.

My back broke so early, but it came back to me.
You put your message in my hands, I showed it to my eyes.
It only said five things.
I love you, and goodbye.

Still staring at the screen.
Wondering where I've been.
Is that my face reflected or some well worn-in disguise?
A tribute to the fool...
I love you, and goodbye.
Track Name: 12th man, 4th meal
I got so worked up that when you stayed your touch,
I said I see I said to myself- what's the rush? We will stay in touch.
Like a trigger finger poised, not alive until there's noise.
I slowly suffocate this trend by playing with my toys,

Bringing back the boys. Feeling so annoyed,
By everything, everyone, and all the noise.
How could you tell? I've got that secret swell filling in my chest,
And at my best I'm not myself, but still no one else.

Holding back the boy, taking away his toys,
Back turned and playing coy, I don't feel sorry for the one,
That's still looking for the door, won't feed you anymore.
If you want my blood so bad, look me in the eye and ask for more.

I'm still so worked up because I've had enough,
Of twisting in my chest the things I've kept all to myself.
Blamed on someone else. I've got a way to tell,
A smile from a lie and bone from shell.
Track Name: I get when you die
She said "I don't think I'd call this something that I need...
I just wanted you to know that I miss the way you feel.
On paper, in person, after three beers".

I said "Are you so relaxed? Is there something I don't see?
I'm not sure, with all that's passed, that it only hangs on me.
And what's more, I would say, the text is subtly free.
All our words for moving on aren't working"

Even I cannot believe half the shit that I let leave my mouth,
and go up my sleeve. I know that when I leave,
All the brick I've laid will ease from footings and cling to dreams.
Track Name: Monster Mash 2
I'm not going to change my story.
And I'm not going to say I'm sorry.
I've cleared my debts so you can bet I'm not in on this play.
Please hold for words yet known, kindly critique this empty stage.

Moved on to a brand new story.
I burnt pages one through forty.
Front ends so brash they cleared the gash completely ear to ear.
Mouthfuls of something secret. One part cloudy, two parts clear.

Pulled out, put down and put away.
I take comfort in those words you once had said to me in a different time.
When the road can seem so long, a faithful heart will keep you strong,
To never stray.

Another way to say the same things everyday.
Wearing out their stay, still they get their play.
Track Name: Old Rules
I think we're all the same. We'll go the way we came.
I think I've played this game. Old Rules under different names.

I looked for answers in the sky.
I've shouted myself down one hundred times.
My cliched shits can stay with me for the season.
Playing in the rain.

I think we're all to blame for the way we've played this game.
If I could please explain... Our addictions trump the shame.

All sizes, built to rest.
All shapes will come undone.
I soon will burn and followed closely behind me,
Is this song.
Track Name: Ram Nation knows the Truth
Are you a slave or are you a soldier? Has it crossed your mind...
Now we're one year older. Well I promise, it's crossed mine.

But my obsessive confessions are worn out and few.
Maybe that's why I still haven't heard back from you.

I got a couple choices.
I've got my inside voices too.
How 'bout you? How 'bout... what?
Yea, me too.

Now we're warmed by the cold and the sting of the rain,
Since we've been locked out again and again and again.